Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Essences of My Life

My name is Herry Setyadi, usually called Erik. I was born 17 years ago exactly on January 7th, 1996 in Kubutambahan village. I live in a big village near hills called Banjar Pasek, Kubutambahan Village, Bali. My father, Abdul Ajis is a police. My small family is not too poor, but I want to be my own master, and won’t always ask with my father. In my childhood, every morning and afternoon, I should go to my grandfather’s farm and help him to take some grass, take care my cows, chickens and so on. Usually he gave me some money and told me to save it, not use it to buy something directly. My mother, Supartini is a house wife but when I was 11th grade in SMAN Bali Mandara, she decided to help her sister in a small shop. In my junior high school, I stop to work in rice field, and move to be a mechanic in my friend’s repair shop, and it gave me more money.
In my elementary school, I ever joined some competition from district, regency until province level. I have been the head of marching in district and regency level, joined drawing competition in my district, football, singing and the most beautiful competition is as the representation from my regency, Buleleng, in Math and Science Olympiad in province and meet lot of excellent people, and some of them are here with me in Sampoerna Academy Bali. But, I need more practice to go to national level. In junior high I joined some competition like physic Olympiad, but now I’m in Humanities class, may be I lost my supernatural power in natural science subject. But social subject is better. Also I join football, futsal and word & excel competition and be the winner.
After I’m in SMAN Bali Mandara, I’ve got lot of new skill, like Bridge, winning some competition and I already in province level now. Choir as the bass voice and already got twice 1st rank in regency and province level. Drum skill, piano, playing bass, poem skill and so on. I ever join OSK (Olimpiade Sains Kabupaten) in Earth Science Subject and, I being the 14th rank from more than 50 participants.
I’m very very happy to be here in SMAN Bali Mandara, I can increase my skills here because school always facilitate students need. The most interest thing is boarding school. I live with people that different with me. They’re from different culture, language style, and different aim and so on. But the big difference is in Religion. I’m a Muslim. But it is not a problem, all become one. I do my pray, they doing their pray also. I can share my culture, they also did it. Lot of things that don’t happens outside, happened here. Live in dormitory is excellent!
I already decided my future aim. I will be a big musician that has famous orchestra. I will make recording studio also music studio. And I must be attracting famous band, singer in my production house. Now I still learn in school to operate music equipments. Not only in music, I will be a professional photographer and open a photo studio. And I will very happy with that job. I will make my father proud of me, my mother, my grandfather and grandmother, my brother and sister. Also my friends, if I succeed I definitely help you. I will build better social life, green, clean, share and care. This is essences of my life, abstract but Great!

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Kunjungan Mahasiswa Universitas Norteastern Boston Amerika

Kunjungan Mahasiswa Universitas Northeastern Boston Amerika yang di organisasi oleh Bali Institute. Ryan dari Bali Institute mengatakan bahwa mereka sangat terkesan dengan sambutan dari siswa & staff SMA N Bali Mandara. ""They had amazing time and your students and faculty were so gracious & hospitable"

Pengumuman Penerimaan staff dan guru SMA N Bali Mandara